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Whether you want a romantic getaway for two or just to be pampered alone, there is a travel and leisure spa to match your desires. You can also find a travel and leisure spa with lodgings that suit your tastes, from quaint bed and breakfasts to rustic inns or high rise hotels.Many spas are dedicated to a specific clientele. For example, there are weight loss spas for those who want to maintain or begin a diet. Many such travel and leisure spas offer fine cuisine, revamped to make it healthy and calorie conscious as well as tasty. Guests eat like royalty while there, and leave with a customized diet plan and recipes so they can continue the regimen at home.Expectant mothers can find a spa devoted to their special needs. Relaxing massages and first class pampering are waiting at the many maternity spas that have come into being over the past few years.

Couples looking for a romantic getaway can find a spa that will be a treat for both of them. Dual massage rooms allow them to take a treatment to relieve stress and tension together.What services are offered will vary, but in general, a spa will offer massages, facials, aromatherapy, and relaxation techniques. Some travel and leisure spas also feature mud baths, yoga classes, and a full line of salon services, such as waxing, pedicures, and manicures.You can find a spa in virtually any type of surroundings you choose. If you long to awaken to the sound of the surf, there are spas located on a beach. Perhaps mountain air is more to your taste; if so, select one nestled on the slopes or a secluded valley. You can also find a travel and leisure spa in the middle of a large city with night life near at hand, or next door to a casino. In short, your spa vacation can be in virtually any state, country, or town, and you can easily combine it with other attractions.To find a spa, you can go online and search, or check out your favorite travel magazine. Many of these do annual reviews on the most popular travel and leisure spas and can provide you with a great deal of information to begin your search. You may also be able to find discount coupons or special offers that can save you money on your travel and leisure spa vacation.

The first thing you need to do when planning a travel and leisure spa vacation is to decide on the type of spa you wish to visit, such as a weight loss spa or romantic retreat. Next, choose the setting, from urban to remote. Now you are able to focus on all spas that meet those two requirements. Investigate costs and amenities, and then see if you can find discount coupons or if their rates are higher during certain times of the year. If so, perhaps you can book your travel and leisure spa getaway for off-peak times and save money.

Colin Wright Trades a 120 Hour Work Week For a Life of Passion, Travel, and Ultra Mobility | Travelling and Hotels

The interview I had done with Colin Wright turned out to be a very fascinating one. For people out there who are as interested as I am in designing their life in a bigger way, travelling all over the world without any restrictions or worrying about leaving a day job behind and wondering how and where to find the income and the means to do so; this interview is a very good way to motivate yourself.What is interesting about Colin is that he has this great desire to travel and enjoy all those places that his travel takes him to. This is what led him to create Exile Lifestyle and pursue his passion for travelling. You might even find it more interesting that Colin leaves it to other people to decide where he is going. This is because he wanted to be different and innovative at the same time.Some of you may even think he is crazy but let me tell you how he does this. Colin is actually a designer and entrepreneur by trade so he capitalizes on that and; he writes about what he knows. He writes about sustainability, minimalism, entrepreneurship and everything that catches his interest. That is not even the fun part yet.

While doing all these he gets to run a business and travel and stay into a new country every 4 months, all at the same time! To get his readers more involved in his travels, he lets them decide which country to go to next. Now, how different and innovative is that? I would say it is a unique idea! Not bad for a 25-year old entrepreneur, right?Before embarking on the ride of his life, Colin was on a 100-120 hour work week attending to his businesses in L.A. He was with his girlfriend at that time who also had to work and take care of her own business as much as he did. A trip to Canada with her gave them time to talk about what they both wanted to do.His girlfriend said she wanted to move to Seattle and he on the other hand; wanted to move out of the country. They gave each other 4 months to figure out how to achieve their goals and went separate ways as good friends. This was the start of a lot of plane, boat, bus, and taxi rides to a lot of great destinations around the globe.He was ready to leave L.A. for Argentina where he intended to stay for 4 months and kind of immerse himself with the local culture. This was the first of one of his many ventures that he regularly writes about.For his second destination, he asked his readers to make suggestions on where to go and he ran this through the course of one month where, the destination with the highest votes wins. After Argentina, he took some time and travelled to South America and stayed there a bit. He then took a quick detour to the States and then flies back down to New Zealand.He does this alone and Colin admits that there is indeed some degree of anxiety especially on the first couple of weeks in a new country. He sometimes feels lonely the first few weeks. This is because of the language barrier, not knowing his way around and partly because he does not have a clue about the culture. His advice is, you have to get yourself settled down and find a place to stay as soon as possible. Force yourself to talk to people, get your hands dirty and wear your shoes off a little bit.That basically makes sense since there is no better way to get a feel for the place and understand how people think and understand their culture than to immerse yourself in their lifestyle up close. He has devised a way to move around as easily as possible even on foot. He calls this ultra mobility and all it is about is travelling light. He talks about minimalism and considers himself a true blue minimalist. He has been able to reduce everything that he owns down to only 50 things; clothes and electronic gadgets included.

You know what? That sounds like a lot of fun to me. He avoids using the internet as much as he could, does not make any reservations for hotels or restaurants. He flew into a place and figured things out as soon as he got there. The entire point of this was to get away from those 120 hour work weeks and still make as much money as before and have more time to play. He is indeed living life as an exploratory experience with huge sense of freedom and flexibility.Colin Wright has done it and so can you. We got the technology to make things easier. Today we all have the means to do something about how we want to live life. Make that your catalyst to start doing what you love to do. Any situation and any circumstances you got can be overcome.